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Synthia [Nov. 17th, 2005|09:33 pm]
Infinity's Twilight


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Synthia paused to relay the events that had just transpired, it hardly worried her, she's faced worse than this, but animating corpses was never mentioned in the briefing and needed to be noted, all the while watching him scamper off in her mind's eye and tracking him through the aid of her implant. She was confident he'd prove little problem, if he could, she doubted he would have resorted to petty diversion tactics, but the Machines seemed to think otherwise, a reply informing her she was to meet Organic Insider Security Worker Nielthunn Zagy, who'd be arriving in the dome shortly. She sighed, knowing her protests would fall on deaf receptors and headed for the terminal he was to arrive at all the while watching Specimen 00 continue to run.

For the next hour, Synthia was content to let the nanomachines work through Niel's system as he'd just be a liability in the condition it left him, and in her mind, she scoffed at the need of such a method, smirking at how much easier she had it, but her cold exterior never let on. At least he was more tolerable than some of the other OIS'ers she's been forced to work with. They were in no real hurry anyways, she knew exactly where Specimen 00 was, still locked on to his pattern, a link that could only be broken through magic, malfunction, or him escaping the dome. It left her only slightly distracted, and she answered whatever questions he had left after the mission briefing was fully implanted while slowly leading him closer to their target. Short and to the point, but that was expected of her even if she wasn't focusing on her "clairvoyant abilities."

At least with Nielthunn backing her up she could afford to not let such tricks as the animated corpse distract her from her goal again...