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Burning Hobo Skeleton in Regent Park - Infinity's Twilight [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Infinity's Twilight

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Burning Hobo Skeleton in Regent Park [Nov. 17th, 2005|09:26 pm]
Infinity's Twilight


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Regent Park, populated with the lowest humanity could sink without actually scrapping the bottom of the barrel. Home to countless bums huddled in dark alleyways, petty thieves, would-be burglars (if most of the people who could actually afford homes in the area didn’t keep the buildings locked-up tight and under the watchful eyes of the Machines, finding the invasion of their privacy by them more acceptable to the same by unwanted human elements), and pockets of resistance. Synthia knew the area well as disturbances were an all too common occurrence here, and had quite the reputation built among the residents, one of rightful fear, causing those who recognized her to relocate far out of her range, most of them quicker to believe she was one of the Machines than ever being human. She smiled smugly as they scattered like cockroaches, her cybernetic eye and SPI (Sensory Projection Implant) chip working together to scan her surroundings and catalog the life forms, searching for the unique abnormalities displayed by Specimen 00's pattern. And there he was, 139 meters away and, according to her map, just turning down a T-shaped alley that offered no way out except the way he went in, unless over the course of their examinations the machines failed to notice he was also possessed the abilities of a human fly. Her HUD showing eight other humanoids were there with him, all perfectly expendable.

As she raced towards it to block off his only escape route before he could realize his mistake, she reached down and took hold of her soft blade throwing knife, slipping on the glove that housed the length of the 50m metal wire, strong enough to withstand almost ten tons of pressure before it snapped, that it was attached for quick retrieval, as well as allowing the blade to double as a grappling hook. By the time she arrived at the end of the alley, he was already on his way back out, just over 30m and closing. His eyes widen as he saw her block his path, and the liquid metal knife fly at him, aimed perfectly at his kneecap, and he dove to the side, the blade grazing his leg causing him to cry out in agony as the liquid metal briefly crawled across his skin, then whizzed back past him and into her hand again.

He uttered a silent cry, and the groans came out his lips long after he had closed them. But he did not slow, he simply turned around and once again began to run, for whatever reason, back into the alley. The homeless men muttered incoherently and averted their gazes, their whisperings coming to his ears as gibberish, save for the red eyed one who lay against the far wall. That brown haired hobo loked straight into the albino's pink eyes and muttered fearfully...

"His eyes, my brothers. Watch his eyes, brimming with madness and the stink of... something. Careful... Careful of his eyes..."

Despite his own words he kept staring into the albino's eyes until Synthia appeared behind the Specimen 00, and the hobo's eyes widened as Specimen 00 ran straight at him and jumped over him, scrabbling on the wall, trying to climb the crumbling brick.He slid down and narrowly dodged another softblade attempt, but as the blade lunged out of the wall and back into Synthia's hand, it cut, at the shoulder, the last bit holding up his medical coat.

Synthia raised her left arm as the frightened bums ran past her, leaving only Specimen 00 and the ragged, red eyed man. The man still kept staring straight ahead, and his red pupils widened as the plasma cannon slowly protruded form her hand. Specimen 00 once again tried to scramble up the brick wall, and made it up half way before he slipped. He turned his eyes to Synthia, but saw only a blinding glow as the energy weapon charged, and released.

They say before you die, you see your life flash before your eyes.

The red eyed man saw red.

The red eyed man was a burning skeleton, charred and smoking.

Synthia started charging again, but this time she didn't release. She had to take him alive. Specimen 00 was cowering behind some garbage cans, shaking and rocking back and forth, his eyes resting on the smoking skeleton, the skull obscenely twisted by the heat, it's jaw warped and making it seem like it was laughing maniacally. But behind the sockets of that skull, there was a light... a red light...

It stood up.

Like a mockery of his former self, his molten flesh moved in motion toward Synthia, whose human shock and suprise was disgusted at the sight, and the Machine part was at a loss for words. The corpse made its way closer and closer to Synthia, before she finally took its head off with a softblade. She turned her head back to Specimen 00, but it was too late. He was gone.

He could have escaped so many ways, but there was a smell in the air that left no doubt in her mind. there was the smell of burnt flesh, yes, but there was something else.

She wrinkled her nose.