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Matthias Gets What Was Coming To Him - Infinity's Twilight [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Matthias Gets What Was Coming To Him [Nov. 17th, 2005|09:50 pm]
Infinity's Twilight


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Her implant working over time, Synthia decided it best to keep an eye on this Matthias character as well, Nielthunn’s family history making him an undesired variable in her goal of capturing Specimen 00, and once it was confirmed that he was, in fact, following them, her march soon became a quick jog, going just slow enough to ensure Niel could keep up. Specimen 00 was still on the move, and she was still intent on following him, bringing them closer to the high arching wall of the dome and further away from the hustle and bustle of dome life, until after a good 20 minutes of jogging, they finally came upon an abandoned in-dome transit station without a soul in sight where Synthia came to a stop.

"He's still after us.." Niel chimed in as he began to catch his breath, an uneasy feeling nagging at him.
“I know, this will be the best place to deal with him before going after our objective, lets make this quick, shall we?” Synthia stated, still not looking back to him.

"Sure. The Ancestors are real mad, and will go straight after me - but you won't be sensed at all." Niel sits on the nearest bench, in a posture that conceals his softblade and motions to Synthia to hide, but she’s already on her way, disappearing into the abandoned building to observe the meeting.

Niel winces at the increasing feeling of uncomfort caused by his angered ancestral spirits drawing nearer as a running figure appears down the street. There's a little ozone in the air. "Traitor!"
Now very glad that he's sitting down, as he'd proabably be unable to stand up with the angry voices screeching at him, Niel gives Matthias a weary look. "You didn't have to follow me."

"Listen, scum. You denied the Ancestors directly. Not just in defiance of the Elders, favoring your brother and the Gayue (rival family, archnemesises of the Zagy) bitch he called lover, but you defied the Ancestral spirits directly. They were to punish him and you stopped them. You shouldn't still be breathing now."

Synthia watches Mattias studiously, slipping on the glove of her retrievable softblade while she waits patiently and rather impassively to see how the conversation unfolds, frowning slightly at the complication this family squabble is causing to the mission. Once the glove is fastened, she raises the throwing knife and aims it at Matthias' back, ready to release at the first sign of an attack, not wanting to get involved, but not wanting to risk Niel being injured, making the past hour and a half a complete waste of time.

"You still didn't have to follow me."

"Don't give me any excuses. We've tolerated your defiance and dishonor for seven years and -"

"Complain all you want, but you didn't have to follow me if you hated me so damn much. I was just fine with you leaving me alone as long as I stayed away from Dome 6."

Matthias screams in rage, and Niel nearly falls over as Synthia notices a visible change in Matthias' body, his muscles beginning to bulge as the Ancestors' strength enhancement activates, Synthia taking this as her que and releases the throwing knife, sending it silently whizzing through the air and plunging it into Matthias’ back, the impact causing the softblade to reshape and hook around his spine before the steel cable pulls it back, yanking him towards the building.