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Physical versus Mental - Infinity's Twilight [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Infinity's Twilight

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Physical versus Mental [Nov. 17th, 2005|10:08 pm]
Infinity's Twilight


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I got up, panting. Already my partner was off. What the hell did she eat? Sure, she was younger than me, and in better shape, but...

"Hey!" I yelled. "Slow down! Or better, stop!"

"You've had five minutes to rest with no injuries and little exertion."

"No exertion?" I ran up, finding a wall to lean on. "You don't know much about handling ghosts, do you?"

"That was my first encounter with such things. Otherwise, all I know of them are what are in reports."

How, I wondered, had I wound up with this crazy wench. And what had I done to deserve it, too. "They don't just dissapear on their own, at least not that easily. When ghosts are that angry they have to be dispersed. We may not have gotten a scratch on ourselves but I was trying to lead the ghosts in different directions. It's a Keeper mental excercise. With the Ancestors as royally pissed as they were, they'd have killed me if they had the chance."

"I see little connection between mental and physical exercise, both can be done with out affecting the other."

"Lady, because there's no point in going on with a perfectly healthy frame if the mind is beat out. It gets exhausted like anything else. You get mentally tired, don't you?"

Finally she stopped running and looked back.

"Not that I can recall."

I had to stare at her for this. "What?"



"Organic bodies are not as different than mechanical ones as most people would like to believe. As long as it is properly maintained and not strained beyond it's capabilities, it will function with minimal problems. And though I have been worn out physically and been affected mentally, I can't recall a time when the reverse has happened." Synthia stated matter-of-factly.

"I find that tough to believe." The grizzled ex-Keeper shook his head. "Mental exhaustion is how one reacts to stress."
"That is a rather poor reaction to stress."
"It's a natural reaction to stress. It is how the spirit interacts with it's outside environment. There is some wear and tear, metaphorically speaking."

The response slightly confused her, "Then how would you define stress?"

Niel thought for a moment. He was not reflecting, Synthia noticed, but reminiscing - she could tell from his body language and mental patterns. "Stress is the individual's decision to be broken down, to be made a little smaller and weaker, by every difficulty that comes their way. It is an unconscious decision, usually, and in every human psyche this desire exists, to some small degree."

"Then I'd have to say I don't work that way. Every difficulty that comes my way, I use to make myself better. You cannot improve yourself without challenging yourself."

Niel shakes his head at this odd woman. "Like every decision, it has it's advantages and disadvantages. I've chosen when I allowed myself to break, usually in a safe place. And more importantly, it's sometimes easier to rebuild something that's been shattered than constantly maintain minor wear and tear. There is a use for being broken."

"Perhaps, but I prefer to push myself as hard as possible and rest when the task is complete."

"You've never been broken - really broken - before, have you?"

"Not mentally in any case." The thought intrigued her, but didn't seem as beneficial as Niel was making it out to be.

"Try it." He smirked. "It is an opportunity to remake yourself as something better." He stands up. "Okay, now let's go. I'm ready."

"I can't even imagine how it'd be possible, let alone accomplish it..." And with her partner finally ready, she resumed her jog, slightly faster than before to make up for lost time, expecting to capture, or perhaps preferrably kill, Specimen 00 within the hour.

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