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In Which The Libertine Gets Bitchslapped By The Law - Infinity's Twilight [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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In Which The Libertine Gets Bitchslapped By The Law [Jan. 3rd, 2006|08:13 pm]
Infinity's Twilight
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A more impulsive, less…well, devilishly subtle (as he liked to think of it) man would probably not have sent Synapse and Influx off. Rather, he likely would have had them hang around, taken the approaching OIS duo off to inspect his supposed place of business, and executed both of the nosy bastards with a shot in the back of the head. These were the types that were convinced they were totally above the law, that they could run roughshod over society with no repercussions, and as long as they kept silencing everybody, it’d be possible to stay that way.

The Sublimely Magnificent Selric Girardot XVII was not one of these men at all.

Perhaps, in the distant past, such a mentality could’ve prevailed. But there were not just humans, slow on the uptake and easy to deceive, that one had to get around these days. Certainly, the families, with a little monetary persuasion, would usually look the other way regarding his activities. However, the fist within the glove was mechanical, unfeeling, and pretty much impossible to talk one’s way around. Selric had never bothered trying to sweet-talk a machine, and did not care to. No, it wouldn’t do to arouse things completely out of his league. He had enough heat on him as it was for possessing illegal technology and running a prostitution ring; the very last thing he needed right now (or ever) was to have to hide bodies, particularly those of law enforcement.

So it was that he’d sent the henchmen off to horde away their earnings for the day, and waited calmly on the corner of the street for the two officers to arrive. Selric made a show of looking innocent and checking his chronometer, then looked up as they stopped directly before him. The one in front was male and very, very green; it was obvious from the over-stiff way he stood and the simple fact that Selric didn’t recognize him. “Sir,” began the rookie, “we notice you’ve been loitering on this corner for some time. Do you care to provide an adequate justify---“

Selric didn’t even give him the time of day. “This is absurd,” scowled the Earl of Excess, casting a disapproving eye on his guest. “Now they’re sending unblooded pups to try to shake me down? I dare say the government’s losing its touch.”

Completely by this blatant disrespect to an OIS officer, the man stammered incoherently for a couple seconds, but was waved off by his senior officer, a somewhat more severe-looking woman. “Mr. Girardot—“

“Ah, Officer Celes,” smiled Selric, stepping right by the male. “Such an unparalleled pleasure to see you again. Do call me Selric; all my friends do.”

Lira Celes, who’d had to put up with Selric’s caustic repartee (and tendencies not to self-incriminate) for the last two years of her career, did not have to verbally respond for Selric to know that they were most certainly not friends, nor would they ever be, and she very much wanted him arrested. She did anyway. “Mr. Girardot, we have reason to believe you’ve been engaging in a violation of Section Nine, Sub-Section C regarding illegal and unregulated trafficking.”

Selric’s eyes went wide with mock horror and offense. “My dear, dear Lira—I can call you Lira by now, right? yes? Good—would I do such a thing? Honestly, now, I’m a perfectly upstanding citizen.”

He could afford to be flippant; it wasn’t like there was any evidence of his activities lying around for them to find. And even if he did slip up, his contacts in the Atrus Family would more than likely bail him out—but that wasn’t a chance Selric planned on taking.

“You,” hissed Officer Celes, “are a whoremongering contraband smuggler. You may have gotten around us all this time, thinking you’re safe behind your schemes and your technicalities, but someday, I know you’ll make a mistake.”

He ignored the opportunity to say something incriminating, especially since this was probably being recorded. “Ah, madam, I am but the simple owner of an escort service. Who happens to be blessed with many friends, I’ll admit, but one does what one can.”

“This hedonism can’t be tolerated. It’s an opposition of everything we have worked to create in modern society.”

“And that, sweet Lira,” replied Selric, “is precisely why I condone such acts. Hedonism is the very core of the human flesh, and to shrink from it in gnostic asceticism is to cast away our human souls. We are not machines, as much as you would seem to wish that it were so, and to attempt to become them is blasphemous to our very being.”

“So is becoming cattle, but that didn't prevent the machines from turning humans into such.” Chimed in another voice, stern and commanding, silencing any reply from Officer Celes, who seemed thrown as off guard as Selric, her demeanor quickly transforming from one of authority to a subservient, as she turned her attention to the woman approaching the three. The rookie’s eyes went wide in shock before being nudged by Celes and falling in line beside her.

“Suborning us is an entire dimension apart from attaining our aesthetic greatness, young one.”

“Then I suggest you join your herd, and not to let me see you again, are we clear? This area is now under quarantine. You two, clear the street and set up a perimeter, I want no one to enter or leave this area, understood?”

“Yes ma’am.” The two OIS’ers immediately headed off to do as ordered, daring not to raise a protest in regards to Selric, who could feel the imposing figure’s eyes glaring at him as he too left the area as quickly as possible without breaking into a run, glad to be off the hook, but beginning to regret his use of “young one.”

[User Picture]From: radicaltaoist
2006-01-04 02:00 am (UTC)
Ought to hit this with tags.
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[User Picture]From: spiritoftherain
2006-01-04 04:38 pm (UTC)
Done, so you don't have to!

...Because I love you all.
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