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Marisen Steps In - Infinity's Twilight [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Infinity's Twilight

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Marisen Steps In [Jan. 18th, 2006|09:04 pm]
Infinity's Twilight


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Scared... that’s that’s what I feel. This man’s... here to harm, here to cause pain. To my friend, whoever he is. To me... to...

Run away.

No. Can’t... don’t want to leave him. Dog will... hurt ... him. Must not let him be hurt...

Wait. Wait, someone else has come. He’s confronting Dog... he’s...

Oh god. Oh gods. Oh god.


Benjy? Is that you?




I let my mind rattle around in its skull for a good while until I started hearing something other than the ringing in my ears... voices, two of them. One of them I recognized, the arrogant boy Keeper and someone else’s, a deep, rusty tone which I was unaccustomed to hearing. I couldn’t place the voice, didn’t think I’d heard it before. Then again, I was in no shape to do anything soundly at that point.

Reluctantly, I tried to get up, willing my muscles to move. I had protected my head, but nonetheless, I wondered if I had gotten a bit of a concussion from the beating. In that case, it wouldn’t have been good to stand up just then. Nonetheless...

I turned my head, slowly, to watch the two. There was an argument building between the two, some sort of disagreement, and as events unfolded, I saw the newcomer pull out something unmistakeable, a warlike symbol of enforcement and technological superiority.

A softblade. The man was what they called an Organic Insider Security enforcer, for no other man would openly display such a weapon. A man who worked to keep the peace as much as could be done in these troubled times... but nonetheless, still a henchmen to the mechanical powers that be.

A stalemate. And then the OIS man glanced over to his right, briefly, and looked back, said something else, couldn’t make it out. More words exchanged...

And before I knew it, the Keeper was charging this newcomer. Stupid... stupid thing to do, but nonetheless he was moving very fast. Events unfolded... as they did, I tried to get up, slowly, moving to rest on my stomach and push myself up. My head hurt like crazy, but I managed to get up to a kneeling position while my eyes refocused. Time seemed to be inconsequential as I came to my senses, but as I stood up, I heard a sickening noise of a softblade finding flesh, and turned back to the fight scene unfolding.

Fast work. There was a hole in the bald man’s head, and his right arm was detached, but nonetheless he remained standing... no, lurching, going towards the OIS man even in death.

I wondered if my head was in any shape to do null mage-work. It would be tricky, but if I started on something small... something that might unbalance this new walking dead man. Calmly, I switched perceptions as I watched the dead Keeper continue walking, his back to me, and as I did so, I got a glimpse of all the strings and dots that made up his physical form, all the things that bound him together to the molecular level. I searched his lower body, trying to concentrate enough to focus...

And found it. A fracture, just between his ankle and heel. It would do. If I could just...

Concentrate. Focus. Reach out to it. Unravel it... pull the string, and the deterioration would do the rest.

I switched back to my regular perception, and as I did so, I watched with some satisfaction as the dead thing fell to the ground with a grunt, briefly trying to stand on the stump where its left foot had been and faliling, unbalancing, hitting the ground with a thud. Nonetheless, it continued to crawl towards the OIS man, who was backing away from it, and looking at me. I could feel him looking at me, but I didn’t return the gaze. Instead, I caught up with the crawling dead body, went to its right, and put a foot down below its neck as I drew the short sword hidden in my jacket.

Looks like I needed a weapon after all. Silently thanking the late Librarian, I watched the head writhe and twist for a moment, trying to resist me, before I aimed carefully and stabbed the blade into its neck, half-severing it in the process.

That would’ve been enough to kill a living man, severing the spinal cord to its brain, but this was no longer a living thing. I saw the red fire in its eyes still, and I cringed somewhat, looking back at the OIS man before me. “Any ideas?” I asked wearily, feeling suddenly tired by all this. As I asked, I pressed further down on the dead thing's neck, and glanced briefly towards the dead girl, the one that our foe called ‘Lish’...

[User Picture]From: dak_anthel
2006-01-19 05:34 am (UTC)
And the plot thickens...
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