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Briefing of the Cyborg - Infinity's Twilight [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Briefing of the Cyborg [Nov. 17th, 2005|09:01 pm]
Infinity's Twilight


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Synthia idly scratched her left arm as she stared out of blank, distant eyes, as if her mind was elsewhere. Not that synthetic skin covering mostly metal parts could itch, or even feel her fingers touching it as it would take quite a strong blow to register on the sensors, but she touched it often, the thin layer of light brown faux skin covering her entire body to conceal the transition from cybernetic to organic parts feeling exactly like the real thing to her fingers, but it felt more like the arm she was touching belonged to someone else. It reassured her that her goal of becoming the first human to become a Machine was well on its way of becoming a reality. Not that she hated anything about herself personally, far from it; she was actually quite pleased with herself. Black hair reaching just below her shoulders, round, perky breasts, well defined muscles, and a smooth face, giving her a nearly ideal figure for a woman in her mid 20’s. A confident attitude and strong will, and though she wasn’t the smartest or most sociable of people, she was far from stupid and could get along with others just fine if it suited her. What she really hated was the limitations and fragileness of an organic body, as well as the condition humans have found themselves in since the Machines took over.

She had always been an ambitious girl, and the current state of humanity just wasn't good enough for her. No, she knew that only by becoming one with the Machines could she transcend the miserable lot she had been born to and truly become free to do whatever she pleased. She certainly didn't have such freedom now, in fact, in many ways she had much less than she did when she was still human. She was still resented by the other machines and treated as little more than a glorified weapon to be used at their disposal, yet, she had still gotten to go more places and do more things than most humans could ever dream of, and she was happy with that for now.

She still lived among the humans and their domes, for she still had organic lungs and could not survive outside of them yet, but that didn’t bother her much. One step at a time she told herself, and so far, she’s already taken five. Her blood had been replaced, as had her left arm, left eye, and right leg, and microchips implanted at various places around her brain, each with a different function and purpose, mostly mirroring psychic abilities such as telepathy and clairvoyance. The domes were also where the Machines had the most use for her, Synthia being counted among the Organic Insider Security Workers, brandishing the liquid metal sword that she uses when appropriate; although not even her so-called peers realized she was more than what she appeared to be. She was certainly considered odd even among them, what with her seemingly fanatical devotion to the Machines and her mannerisms sometimes resembling those of the AI’s, but they just figured she was trying to imitate them, unaware that they were more in control of her than she was. But these oddities were also the reason they rarely questioned why she was always the one calling the shots when working with other OISers, and the fact that she always got the job done with only minimal complications and even less casualties brought little complaint.

But more often than not, she worked alone, allowing her free use of her greatest advantage and secret: The plasma cannon hiding behind the skin of her cybernetic hand. When it came into use, no human lived to tell about it, her microchip implants allowing her to sense and track the people around her, allowing her to make certain she didn’t missed someone who could reveal her true nature, and the situation at hand may warrant the use of just that.

Her eyes refocused as the receiver chip deactivated. New orders had come in: Specimen 00 had escaped into the dome, the unknown nature of his mutations caused by exposure to the atmospheric gasses marking him as a contamination risk to be recaptured if possible or terminated. She started on her way to his last known location, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find him for one such as her.

Her HUD (Heads Up Display) displayed a simple to follow map of confirmed sightings of Specimen 00. They lead all throughout the city, from Sector-419-KA (where he escaped) to... the market. But her human instincts and Machine calculation knew he wouldn't be in that place anymore, considering he had crossed over a hundred and two Sectors in little more than two weeks... It was an impossible feat for a human, but it had happened. Undeniable facts. So it was either he was Abnormally enhanced somehow, either by Cort3x0r, or some form of magic was Binding him to Running.

She didn't care for speculation. Her soul, or what was left of it, was an action junkie. So making some educated guesses, she made a new path for herself that lead her into Regent Park, the "slums" of Sector 521.