Infinity's Twilight

the light at the end of the Universe

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Welcome! This is the role-playing community for
(Infinity's Twilight.)
We're a roleplaying group that focuses on story-telling and character development
as opposed to dice and statistics.

Here are a few RULES:

1. If you'd like to join, comment in either
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2. Please gather IM contacts of other members as soon as
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3. All Out of Character posts (referred to as OOC) must be made
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4. Read all posts available in the archive.
Adhere to what seems to be canon.

5. Please tag all posts as needed
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Introduction to Infinity's Twilight:

The Universe began, long ago. Countless geological ages have passed like blinks of an eye.
Years and centuries and epochs, merely motes of dust on the road we have travelled. And
now we have arrived here, at this other end of the spectrum. The End.

The races of Humanity have risen and conquered and interbred, fallen and risen again, but
now they are diminished, their populations struck down into small, huddling numbers, living
in Machine controlled Domes that serve to protect them from the poisonous Earth that
remains outside of those prison walls. Slaves to their own creations.

Where once the Human race was proud, pioneers of their own fate, Machines have taken their
reigns by the leash and rule cold and methodically as only Machines can. Where once the
leftover energies of Creation allowed sorcery to streak unbridled across the globe, now only
the weakest shadows of the great art remain as this world comes nearing it's end.

Be you Machine, or Human, or some other force playing this last move on the last game of
this weary universe, it doesn't matter.

It's ending soon.

How would you go out?

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